Historical Extras…

For those of you who love to dig deeper into what life was really like back in the Regency era here are some interesting details: 

Romancing the Highwayman - torn between myth & reality



What is the truth about the highly romanticized Highwayman. Join me in a discussion of the reality versus the fantasy surrounding the notorious highwaymen of the past.



A woman diving off a bathing wagon in to the sea. Coloured e



Ever wondered if Regency ladies knew how to swim? Click here to get your toes wet.



Surgical Instruments


The real reason Regency folk called their doctors and surgeons sawbones. Click here for pictures of antique surgical equipment and info about medical practices include the use of leeches.
Warning this page is not for the squeamish.






Ever wondered how Charles Dickens and Jane Austen would cope in the modern social media world?