Cover Reveal-Puzzle for the New Aunt Honore book

New Covers, A New Title, and More–Oh, my!

Many of you weighed in on possible titles for this 4th book in the My Notorious Aunt series–Thank you! The title most voted for was: Tempest in a Ballgown. At the time it was a perfect fit because the book began as a light-hearted take-off on the Taming of the Shrew. But Kate’s story turned into so much more. I adore this heroine. After long hours of debate, we finally came upon The Persuasion of Miss Kate. And it felt exactly right.

For those of you waiting on Sanctuary for Seers, please know I am writing it. Four of my kids got Covid, two struggled for a long while, we have a pregnant mother and baby in danger, and amidst all this, my husband found out he had cancer and had surgery. With all the troubles in the world and in my home, I really needed to write something fun and heartwarming.

Now on to the delightful Cover Reveal:

Kate deserved a fun new cover, too. I realize this cover style is a bit unusual, but so is Kate, and this one is so bright and cheery it made my heart happy. So we upgraded all the other Notorious Aunt covers to match.

Are you ready to see The Persuasion on Miss Kate?

Isn’t it fun? I hope you enjoy Kate’s story as much as I do. For an excerpt and more info on The Persuasion of Miss Kate jump to the book page.

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Here’s a short book trailer:


And here are all the NEW updated My Notorious Aunt covers: