Kathleen’s Scene & Sequel Super Powered Writing Workbook

It’s here! It’s finally here! My Scene & Sequel Super Powered Writing Workbook 

If you’ve been waiting for Kathleen’s book on Scene & Sequel, Super-Powered Writing! Good News! The long wait is over. We now have a lecture packet (an instructional workbook) written for Margie Lawson’s Writing Academy. Plotters and Pantser both love using Scene & Sequel! Dwight Swain’s Scene & Sequel concept was a game changer for me.

You’ll love this workbook! Scene & Sequel is more than plotting tool, it is a story flow that mirrors human behavior and helps authors make their stories relatable to readers and alluring to filmmakers.
  • Want your plot to pack a powerful emotional punch?
  • Would you like your book to be optioned for film or TV?
  • Need the secret to eliminating sagging middles?
  • Is your plot dilly-dallying? Strap it to a thrilling roller coaster!

Margie Lawson’s Writers’ Academy lecture packet catalog is here, and this link will explain how to download and access the packets. Scene & Sequel Lecture Packet at Margie Lawson’s Academy If you are already familiar with how Margie’s packets operate, here is a direct link to just the Scene & Sequel packet: https://www.margielawson.com/product/scene-and-sequel-super-powered-writing-tool/

Never write a dull scene again! Scene & Sequel is like a plotting machine–it shifts reader emotions into high gear and keeps your fans turning the pages. Professor Dwight Swain spent decades figuring out which elements made certain books and movies into blockbusters.
Scene & Sequel is a SUPER powerful tool! But it can be challenging to grasp—and even tougher to put into action. Good news! Kathleen developed an EASY TO UNDERSTAND method. She distilled the process, and in this hands-on workshop she gives you cheat sheets and examples. She’ll walk you through how to apply the power of Scene and Sequel to your current manuscript.
Swain thought he was just analyzing blockbuster stories. Ha! In reality, he identified the psychological elements in ‘Story’ that satisfy emotional cravings in readers or audiences. Kathleen takes the elements he so brilliantly identified (except he made them more complicated than they needed to be) and breaks them down to their juicy essences, clarifies their meaning, and shows you how to apply them in your manuscript. If you build a powerful Scene & Sequel your plot takes care of itself.
Kathleen is  proof it works. To date she’s had more than eight producers and directors vying for film options on her books. Her first option was with Ian Bryce, producer of Transformers, Spiderman, Saving Private Ryan, and other blockbusters. A School for Unusual Girls is currently in it’s third option.