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I’m posting my latest newsletter today because I’m excited to show you my latest short story – it’s a featured original on! I love the artwork they created for it. Hop on over to and see what you think.

DRAGONS OF TOMORROW ( )An Original Short Story by Kathleen Baldwin (

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After the collapse of civilization Nora and her family live a quiet life in the Midwestern Plains until a great fiery god of the sky descends and makes her an irresistible offer—an offer that will take her away from those she loves forever.

"Earth, Midwestern Plains

The gods circle high above us in a never-ending ring of fire. Winged creatures that occasionally shimmer into view as if we mortals only deserve a fleeting glimpse of their majesty. Be they dragons, angels, or demons. No one knows. People have argued the question for more than a decade."

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My dear Friends & Readers, commissioned me to write a new short story unrelated to my other work. What a fun challenge! I let my imagination fly and this peculiar story sprang from my subconscious almost fully formed. It’s not a historical. It’s a mystical futuristic fantasy.

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