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● You’ll find a comprehensive common core reader’s guide in the back of all copies of A School For Unusual Girls, Exile for Dreamers, and Refuge for Masterminds.

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Don’t miss this entertaining bookclub-style Reader’s Guide to Harbor for the Nightingale

● Here’s a lighthearted readers’ guide for Diary of a Teenage Fairy Godmother:  DISCUSSION GUIDE Diary of A Teenage Fairy Godmother

● Need a Guide to Regency Idioms and Slang

● Looking for Historical Extras that go along with Kathleen’s Regency series.

Hunting for the Contest page 

● Did you read The Highwayman Came Waltzing and now you want to learn the harsh truths about Highwaymen? Check it out here.

● Here is a link to Cut from the Same Cloth Afterword – warning: spoiler alert –  Afterword–Cut from the Same Cloth

A School For Unusual Girls was awarded a 2016 Spirit of Texas for middle school reading programs. So these brilliant Texas Librarians, Diane Hance, Amanda Galliton, and Glenajo Shambeck created some fun programming and an amazing list of resources to go along with the Stranje House series. Thank you ladies!!! Check it out: A Lesson plan on Invisible Inka common core book quiz for School for Unusual Girls, and a lesson plan on creating your own Flying Machines, Stealth and Deception, and Etiquette.  

● Do you enjoy Kathleen’s books? Click here for some fun ways you can help the author get the word out.


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