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A Humorous Traditional Regency Romance Novella


The Highwayman Came Waltzing by Kathleen Baldwin is a whimsical visit to the world of thieves.

These highwaymen are not at all what one might expect.

When Elizabeth’s childhood sweetheart returns from the Napoleonic wars to investigate a series of robberies in Claegburn Woods. She never expected their shared waltz would rekindle their affection for one another. But she knows loving Lord Ryerton is impossible, because Elizabeth hides a dark and dangerous secret.

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What critics say about The Highwayman Came Waltzing:

“. . . filled with romance and I found that time flew by at warp speed as I read.”  – Huntress Reviews

“These thieves are not what you expect . . .well-written and pleasurable romp through the regency period.”  – Armchair Interviews

“. . . true love is found on the dance floor.”  – Romantic Times, 4 ½ Stars, referring to the Waltz with a Rogue anthology, in which The Highwayman Came Waltzing was the lead novella.


His mouth was a pawn’s length from hers. She held her breath, unmoving. Afraid to hope. Afraid not to hope. Heaven above! Where was her sword when she needed it? If she had her sword, she might hold him hostage and extract everything she desired from him, all the lost words and missed touches. She would rob him of every kiss he owned, if only she had her sword. Instead, she was his hostage. Held captive by his nearness, his lips, his intoxicatingly masculine smell, and startlingly blue eyes that made long dead flames burn again.

His lips moved in a husky whisper. “I believe I will collect, now.”

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