Limerick for Pantsers


I enjoyed speaking in Tucson to the Saguaro Romance Authors. Eve Crook sent me a fun limerick for Pantsers.

What a fabulous group they are – very well organized and extremely supportive of one another.  It encouraged me to see that kind of camaraderie among writers when so often the tendency is to be somewhat competitive.  I’m a firm believer in the idea that a rising tide lifts all boats.  Your success is helpful for me, and mine is good for you.  Witness the wonders JK Rowlings’ success did for reading – and for book sales.  Her tremendous success did all writers a favor. She broadened our reader base.  She restored the love of reading to hundreds of thousands of disenfranchised readers. So let’s encourage one another to greater heights.

Success is good for all of us.

I spoke to these generous writers on my favorite topic: The Secret Life of Pantsers.  One author there, a plotter, suggested I change the name of the workshop to The Secret Life of Pantsers… and Plotters, because I offer so many tools and ideas that are useful to plotters, too.   because of her I began to realize that my workshop is more about understanding how we operate creatively and why. She’s right, it may be a bit limiting to say it is only for Pantsers, although I think they struggle more with the writing process, which is why I developed the workshop.

One of the Saguaro writers, Eve Crook, sent me this delightful little limerick for Pantsers.  I loved it so much, I begged her permission to share it with you:

The Pantser


Eve Crook

Three cheers for the writer, the pantser,

The quintessential romancer.

She knows what the price is–

At moments of crisis

Her muse will provide every answer.


Love it. Thanks Eve!