Refuge for Masterminds wins Bookseller’s Best Award

Lady Jane Takes Home a Prize!

I’m pleased to announce Refuge for Masterminds won the 2018 Greater Detroit Booksellers’ Best Award in Young Adult literature.

Some of you may have seen this announcement on Twitter or Instagram right after I returned home from a research trip to England. But it’s official now! They sent me the badge and the award (see it in the photo) and I couldn’t be more pleased.

This award is voted on only by librarians and booksellers. Thank You Librarians and Booksellers! We love you for your dedication to good books. Sending you squeezy cyber hugs.

Notice the Tablespoon in this photo. It was a gift from my cousin, Katie, a kind and generous cousin, who is more of a sister and friend. It says A Heap of Trust. Trust is the very trait Lady Jane struggles with in the pages of Refuge. I loved writing her story and sharing in her struggles, not to mention chuckling at Alexander’s wry humor. I’m so happy the Booksellers and Librarians enjoyed it, too.