TOR BLOG-Feisty Females of Historical Fiction: Truth or Trope?

So this famous author I was on a panel with insisted feisty heroines are a figment of modern writers’ imaginations–a trope. I beg to differ. Come on over and weigh in on the debate on the TorForge blog:

I’m willing to bet you can guess which side I take in this debate. Hey, I had feisty great great grandmothers. I’d love to hear your stories.

Dash over to Tor and read about one of my all time favorite historical heroines . . .

Meet 20 yr-old, Juana Galán, guerilla warfare leader, and national hero in Spain. She was a tavern keeper in her village, but this young heroine roused her countrymen to fight Napoleon’s invading calvary. Notice the iron stewpot down by her skirts, she and some of the other women in her village used them to bash soldiers over the head.

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